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FloridaToday.com is reporting, “Port Canaveral on Friday became the first U.S. port to coordinate COVID-19 vaccine distribution to cruise ship crew members, in advance of a possible return to cruising in July.

The U.S. cruise industry has been shut down since March 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The vaccination of crew members will help accelerate a return to cruising.

Under the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, cruise ships can bypass the required simulated test voyages carrying volunteers and jump to sailings with paying passengers if 98% of crew and 95% of passengers are fully vaccinated.”

“Health and our port community to come up with a plan and timeline of vaccinating cruise ship crews that could begin the process for a safe return to cruising,” Port Canaveral Chief Executive Officer John Murray said in a statement released late Friday. “This expanded eligibility is significantly important for our cruise tourism business, and we’re proud of our efforts to help get this industry up and running.“

As I’ve stated on my tv interviews and elsewhere, there is a huge anti-vax sentiment in the U.S.

My wife and I have received both of the Moderna vaccines and are looking forward to cruising again when the CDC gives the green light!

While ports and cruise lines are vaccinating their staff and crew, it will be interesting to see how many Americans will be booking cruises. I’ve read media reports that cruises overseas are selling out in record speed. Even World Cruises have booked to the limited passenger capacity.

My hope is that the cruise lines return to profitability as soon as possible and that frequent cruisers like myself will be sailing the ocean blue sooner, rather than later.

Coming soon?

In any event, all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic have been open and are open now. Guests are not required to be vaccinated, so my gut tells me we are heading forward to an enjoyable summer.

TheCruiseGenius at TRSCoral near Cancun

I hope.

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