In March of 2012, I was a chaperone of a high school group from here in Jacksonville. We had 28 kids and several adults. We booked “triples” to save money. Unfortunately, the Carnival Fascination was “overbooked” and it was Spring Break. Instead of having cabins with those cool “pull down” bunk beds, Carnival put mattresses on the floor…yes THE FLOOR so that we would have a triple.

When we booked a cruise for Sept 1st, 2012, we again booked “triples”. When we booked three months previous to the cruise, I insisted that we have cabins with those “pull down” units.


We go to our cabins and our room stewards start bringing mattresses for us to sleep on the floor.

While Carnival fixed the problem by moving us into cabins with “pull down” bunks on the second day of cruise, our first impression of our cruise was ruined.

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